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Evening Events

As the day transitions into the evening, we continue to offer an exciting and engaging programme of activities and events. Our evening programme is designed to entertain, inspire, and create unforgettable experiences for our pupils.

  • Brain Battle Royale: The Ultimate Quiz Night Showdown in the Library
    Embark on a thrilling quiz night in the library where you'll compete against fellow pupils in the Brain Battle Royale.
  • Stepping into the Mystical Past: A Sunset Adventure to Avebury Stone Circles
    Join us for an awe-inspiring sunset adventure to Avebury Stone Circles, where you'll step into the mystical past and be captivated by its beauty.
  • Mini Olympics: Get Ready to Compete in Swimming, Football, and Tennis from Around the World!
    Gear up for the Mini Olympics, where you'll have the chance to compete in swimming, football, and tennis events from different countries.
  • Revolutionizing the Future: A Mind-Blowing Talk on Innovation and Technology by a Special Guest
    Be amazed by a mind-blowing talk on innovation and technology, delivered by a special guest who will revolutionize your perspective on the future.
  • Shining Stars: MCSEC Talent Showcase
    Showcase your talents at the MCSEC Talent Showcase, where you can shine bright and share your unique skills with fellow pupils.
  • Starry Screening: Cinematic Summer Nights under the Sparkling Skies
    Enjoy cinematic summer nights under the sparkling skies with our Starry Screening, where you can relax and watch movies in a magical outdoor setting.
  • Moonlit Pursuit: Thrilling Scavenger Hunt Experience
    Embark on a thrilling scavenger hunt under the moonlit sky, where you'll follow clues and unravel mysteries in an exciting evening adventure.