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Marlborough Mindset

Our programme at MCSEC is designed to go beyond traditional learning.

We believe in fostering a mindset that empowers our pupils to become curious, ambitious, conscientious, creative, responsible, and collaborative learners. This evidence-based approach, known as the Marlborough Mindset, is the result of collective efforts by our experienced Marlborough College teachers. It equips pupils with essential study skills and the ability to thrive beyond their time at Marlborough.

The Marlborough Mindset is a holistic approach to study skills, focusing on the interconnectedness of the mind and body. Our pupils gain knowledge about how the brain works, the importance of memory and metacognition, and the impact of sleep and exercise on their overall well-being.

To support our pupils in developing the Marlborough Mindset, we provide them with a workbook that covers evidence-based strategies across various areas. These include understanding the science of learning, maintaining a healthy body and mind, being organized, effective reading and revision techniques, and managing setbacks with resilience and a growth mindset.